The Manna Dream Center exists to “reach people with the love of Christ by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs.” Monies generated from the community store will help to address the challenges of hunger, homelessness, and various needs in our community.

The Manna Dream Center first opened its doors in 2014 with the goal of meeting various practical needs in our community.  Over the years it has changed but our goal of showing God’s love by meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of people has not changed.  Today the Manna Dream Center consists of 4 locations; 336 Ray Ave., our men’s shelter at 913 Person Street, our warehouse at 5135 Cliffdale Rd and now the Manna Community Store at 3736 Legion Rd.

The Community Store collects tax-deductible donations from individual and community donors and resell these items to the public. We are fortunate enough to have a strong donor base and we have pieces donated to us regularly. We seek to be good stewards of the items we receive, and a skilled volunteer can help us do that.  

That money goes to support The Manna Dream Center mission “to reach people with the love of Christ by meeting their physical and spiritual needs”.