Store Policies

Below are some of our most frequently asked-about store policies. Our operations run largely on volunteer labor, so please be patient with our team as you need assistance. All proceeds support The Manna Dream Center in our community, and we couldn’t do it without our Community Store shoppers, donors and volunteers.

People in our local community donate most of the product in our store, and while we sincerely appreciate everyone who wants to donate, we aren’t able to accept some items because of safety concerns or because they are difficult to sell. When we accept items that we cannot sell, we incur high dumpster fees, which reduces the money available to support our mission. For more information, please see our donation criteria list.

If you have any additional questions about the store policies, feel free to speak with a store manager or email

Loading policy

Please bring your own help for loading out your purchase. Store associates are not able to secure, staple or tie merchandise down onto the customer’s vehicle and they are not allowed to place any items on the roof of a vehicle. If a staff or volunteer does help load out the items, the store, any staff and/or volunteer(s), or the Manna Dream Center will not be liable for any damages or mishandling item(s) and/or vehicle(s). 

Pricing policy

The Manna Community Store has a no-haggle policy. All employees (staff or volunteers) do not negotiate prices.

Merchandise prices may be reduced for promotions or sales at the sole discretion of community store management. 

Returns policy

All sales are final and there are no returns or exchanges provided.